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Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Quiet Room - A work in Progress

We have a "Quiet Room" in my house. This is my room!  It is where no tv or radio is allowed. I will allow gaming devices and reading devices. This is suppose to be the formal living room, but I am not a formal person, so I decided it would be my quiet place away from all the rest of the house and just relax and read or just to simply relax.

I have been planning out this room for months now. I have been in my house for almost three years and I have just started working on it. I am still not 100% sure what I want it to look like, but I do have a vision now.

I have decided I want it to look "classy" but done on a budget. Like you all will learn, I am not the craftiest person around, hence the name of my blog!

I will start by telling you that I bought an old antique chair from Goodwill for 9.00 that I have spraypainted white and will cover the seat with a blue and white fabric.   I have also purchased a sofa and oversized chair from someone on Craig's List and even though it is not the color I want and it really needs a good cleaning, it is a start.  I also got a blue wingback chair and a rug from a lady on ebay and I paid 27.00 for the chair and 20.00 for the rug, both of which I went to pick up locally. 

The wingback chair, I am going to try my luck at painting the fabric.  I saw some people on Pinterest do this and I think I will give it a try. If I mess it up, I am not out that much money!  Wish me luck on this one!

For a coffee table, I took my old coffee table that had a glass center and it had an accident and broke, so I took the bottom off of the table, put the legs on the bottom of that, spray painted it a gorgeous silver!  I still have to spray poly on it to protect the finish.  I have two chihuahuas that jumped on it a few times when I moved it in front of the windows and they scratched.  So, I have to spray it again and then put the poly on it.

Ok, so far things are going well in here, until.....I painted my beautiful wooden lamp base that I loved and I painted it with a brush white and then I decided to do the second coat with white spray paint.  Well, needless to say, it looks terrible!  There are runs, spots where the color is just not covering well.  From a distance it looks ok and I can see the potential, but up close, it looks like......hmmm, what is the word I am looking for....yes, crap, that will do!  I am not sure how to make it look better. Do I keep piling on the paint?  Do I sand it down and try again?  I don't like to redo things and I certainly don't like to sand them!  I am one that likes to do it quick!  Maybe that is why some of my projects don't turn out. I have very little patience! 

I also painted the burgundy lamp shade a shiny silver too.  It looks ok.  It is not the shape I like, but I do like the look.  But, just in case, I found a drum shade that I really like and I am going to look for some fabric to cover it with. My walls are a dark gray.  The color is Glidden - Seal Gray. I saw it on another blog.  I LOVE the color. It really makes my room look great.

Craig's List sofas and unpainted room, unpainted lamp and repurposed table
Same view with the 20.00 rug and painted walls.

View of the bay window with my painted antique chair.

Another view
 So, as you can see, it is a work in progress.  And, since it is the Christmas season, I had to move my chairs and put up the Christmas tree, so I won't get to finish it until after Christmas.   I will post more pictures as I get to them.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Stands made from Clay Terra Cotta Pots

One of my favorite things to do is to go on Pinterest!  I LOVE PINTEREST!!!! I can spend hours on there...literally!

I found someone that took the terra cotta clay pots and made stands out of them! They are just the cutest things ever.  So, I gave it a shot.  One of them I made for my 9 yr old is an aqua blue to match her bathroom and I made it look antique and it actually turned out great.  I also made a silver one for me. I am really into silver/platinum/gray lately.  I didn't antique the silver one.