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A Little Something About Me

Well, first of all, I am a work-from-home mom. I have a part time job that I am so blessed to have!  I have been working here for almost 8 yrs and 7 of those are from home.

I love, love, love Pinterest and I love to see all the creative people and what they can do.  So, I always think, "Oh wow, that is so easy, why didn't I think of that!" or "Oh wow, I can do that."  So, here is how my blog was born. I am no writer (as you will see) and I am not good with crafts either (as you will see).  But, I love to try.  Maybe one day, I will be good at all the crafts I attempt or at least 90% of them!  Oh, who am I kidding, I would be happy to be good at 50% of them.

I will just tell you, crafting is not cheap!  You think you can save money by doing it yourself, but when I do most of them, I spend more money on the supplies to do them than if I had went out and bought it.  But, then, there is this sense of pride by doing them yourself - as long as they turn out.

I will post things I have done in the past and as I do them now.  I will post my failures as well and my good ones.  I welcome all comments and I don't mind constructive criticism.  I welcome it as a matter of fact.