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Friday, February 10, 2012

I have been busy!

I have been working a lot this past month or so and I have also tried to squeeze some craftiness in too.  Here are the things I have made. A couple of them were made to sell, since I had a couple of people like them enough to buy one!  I love being creative!
I made this Christmas Tree out of scrolls. I can't wait until Christmas to display it!

I made this for a friend that had us over to her Super Bowl party and is also our Theater Coordinator! Going through FRIENDS, it says:  are kisses blown to us from angels. I love this when I saw it.

I just created this one. I saw the wording on Pinterest and I put one together using different fonts and I chose a different star at the top and a swirly at the bottom. I like to make things my own. I also added a couple more dots at the bottom of the tree.

I made this for a friend's step daughter. I hope she loves it.
This is the completed one for Bill and myself, but I am still not real happy with it. I think I need to trim the solid lines going through the V - they are too long.

I used the Chalkboard vinyl and made it for my fridge and cut out some letters in silver vinyl. I love this. I am using the chalk markers and they don't come off good! Not sure what to do about that.
I just made this one for a friend's best friend.  Through Best Friends it says: Listen to what you don't say
 I hope you like these! I love them.