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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lamp Decisions for my Quiet Room

OK - I told you in a previous post that I spray painted my lamp white and the shade a silver.  I was not sure if I liked the shape of the shade, so I bought another shade and it is a drum shape, I am thinking I like it best.  Now, I know the plastic is still on the shade, but I am not sure it is staying yet, so if it does, I will take it off and then I will cover it with a coordinating fabric.  I am not even sure what that will be yet. I could use ideas.
This is the painted base and the painted lamp shade that was once burgundy! It looks ok...

Here is the new drum lamp shade, I like it!  But, it needs some color and a pattern.  I need some fabric!

Paper Roses....yes, they are easy!

Ok - I did it, I made some paper roses. Yes, they are easy, a little time consuming, but easy. Next. I want to do a paper roses wreath!  But, that will come later when I have more time.  Here are the before and after photos on them.
This is just card stock and I took a can and traced my cirles.

Here, I have some flowers made...

They turned out pretty good I think.  Maybe they will look better the more I do, but for now, I am pleased!