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Saturday, December 24, 2011

My less than successful attempts at Cake Pops!

You know how cute all those cake pop balls are! Well, I just had to decide to make them to take to two family functions, ok, here is where my "not-so-craftiness" rears it's ugly head....I know you will laugh, but try not to laugh too hard!  They do at least taste good.  Kelci (my 9 yr old) and I were going to attempt, no, we were GOING to make Reindeer and Santa Hats!  Ok, here goes...

ok - so these ARE NOT MINE! They are what they should
look like....

And these are what the Santa Hats should look like...

Here is where I am sure you are Rolling in the floor laughing your head off!  I know, they are NOTHING
like the pictures above! I am really saddened by this attempt or whatever you want to call it! 

Closeup of Rudolph!

Ok, these are on the cute Candy Cane tray I made, they don't look too bad on there...maybe
presentation really does make a difference!  Nah, they still look ridiculous!

And, these are the Peppermint Patties, no they are not pretty either, something that looks
so stinking simple, I still mess it up!
Now that you have had your laugh, and I know you were laughing, I will just say, I am not sure that I will EVER make anymore cake balls!  Merry Christmas to all...oh and yes, I am still taking them to my family's and my inlaw's Christmas. I figure everyone needs a good laugh!

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