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Monday, December 19, 2011

Felt Pillow with Felt Flower

I found a blog today called the DIY Dish and I LOVE it!  They really have some cool things and great tutorials.  It is really great if I can do it and it turn out.  I first found felt scraps and made this felt flower, that does not match at all, but at least you can see the variations in the flower petals.  The flowers are so stinking cute and so easy to make!  The hardest part is cutting them out and that is not hard, just a little boring.

The pillow is some navy blue felt I had left over from a previous project I made, that I may post one day...long story about that one.  Anyhoo, I decided since my 9 yr old had navy in her bedroom, I would try this one for her.  So, I did the flower in Navy too.  The blog shows you all monochromatic colors too, but you can mix it up.  I made the pillow bigger than what they did in the blog, but the possibilities are endless. You should also check out their blog as well.

My trial run flower.  I think it is too cute, even though it is mis-matched.

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