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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Goodwill is a great place to find craft supplies!

While looking on Pinterest, I found this pin of a doggie bed made from a night stand someone found at Goodwill.  So, of course, I needed that for my babies to lay in. But, since I have two of them, I needed one big enough for both of them.  I went to Goodwill and found an old nightstand and had it for months and months. At a different time I also found a one door cabinet that did not have a shelf in it and bought it too.  I was going to just paint that and use it in my laundry room.

After having them both for a long time and not doing anything with them, I decided to get rid of them to make room in my garage (for  more junk!)  Anyhoo, I decided the night stand was too tall and not wide enough for my two chi babies.  So, I looked at the cabinet and my wheels started to turn.  Here is the before pic and the rest is history!

 I took the top off, it had 4 screws holding it on. I took the door off and I pounded one of the sides until I got it off too.

I also had curtain fabric left and paint from other projects so I painted it to match my family room since that is where it resides.  I also had some small wooden candle sticks and I painted those black too and use E6000 glue to glue them on the bottom.  They made the perfect legs for the bed!  I also used my Silhouette and made vinyl lettering with their names on it.

Here is Lucy posing so beautifully for me!  She is my little Princess.

Here is Sophie, it took a few tries, but finally got a decent one of her in here.
They do like it. They don't lay in it much, but it makes a nice edition to my room.

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