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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I never knew curtains could be so simple to make....

My family room ceiling is about 18 ft high and 13 ft of that is windows.  So, I wanted to make my own curtains one, to save a little money and two, because I wanted to do it myself.  I finally found some fabric that I loved online from  and it was so reasonable. I think I paid 12.95 per yard and it was 30.00 per yard fabric. I also bought the backing fabric and it was something like 2.95 per yard.  So, for under 100.00, I bought fabric to make 4 panels for two long windows. 

What I did was use the width 54inches and cut in half to make two panels.  My windows are narrow and I wanted less bunchy fabric on each side.  Otherwise, it would have cost double that, but that would still be better than paying someone over a thousand dollars to make.

Here is the link I followed on Pinterest (Click her for link on Pinterest for Step by Step)  and my pics to go along with it - step by step.  She has the BEST instructions EVER!  If I can follow them, you can too.  Just take your time and when she says to iron the hems, please do this! That is what saved me.
Up close of my fabric.  I love it!
First,  I laid my fabric out and cut down the center to make two panels.  I had a cutting board I moved along the bottom and used one of those rotary cutters! THE BEST THING EVER!

Once I had these cut, I took each one and ironed the hems down like she said. See my ironing board in the back, so I really did do it! :)

 Just a close up of the ironed hems.

Then, you place your backing fabric under the hems and I cut it. She used a sheet, but I needed much longer, so I bought thin backing fabric.  This part was easy too.

The next few pics are my sewn curtains. I was so proud. 

Another smart thing I did was cut one, iron it, add backing, pin it and them sew them ONE AT A TIME!  If I had cut all at one time, ironed each one before sewing, I probably would not have finished in one day. But to do one panel at a time and see the finished product before making the next one, I got more excited each time to get them done.  They don't look like much here, but hanging, I am so pleased.

It was really hard to get a good view of them hanging.  But, you can see how long they are.

I still have not hemmed them! I was trying to decide if I should puddle them or not, but I think since this is a family room and it is casual, I won't puddle. I just have to get them hemmed now. I will do it while they are hanging.

Tell me what you think.  Also, if you want to try them, please refer to the link above, she is fantastic with her instructions!  Good Luck!


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  1. Oh, my, but these are LOVELY! The colors are perfect for the room, and will make it so easy to choose accent pieces. AND THEN CHANGE IT ALL. ha ha! Simple as changing the color of a few accented pieces. Seriously, I think you'll find yourself pleased with these drapes for a long time. And, it really will be easy and cost effective whenever you get the urge to change the look whole room (ambiance/tone/mood) What a winner!

    I'm not overly fond of paisley usually, but I like this print a lot. Looks like fancy scroll work to me. I especially like how the different tones & hues of brown/taupe/khaki fade into the background, while the white causes the blue to "POP" - almost off the material! Yep. Excellent choice + excellent work = Excellent out come. You have much reason to be proud of yourself AND your new drapes! Foot! if I weren't so proud of you, I'd be jealous! ; )-

    You have indeed been busy. Grand Tiny (and Grandmother) would say you've been "Smart". I just love the way your projects all work out so bautifully! You're just like your Mama! (what a compliment! You can pay me later, ha ha!)


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